Our experience

Since 2008, Platform Interiors has been creating imaginative workplaces of unsurpassed quality.

Our core teams have been working together for many years now, and we will bring this continuity and experience to bear on your project.

Continually honing the way we work, we have developed the skills, and have in place the resources, to provide a faultless service. We are confident that our individual approach will prove invaluable to your refurbishment and relocation plans.

Our approach

We pride ourselves on our distinctive approach and believe it confers unique benefits.

Continuity across and between the core areas of design, project management and construction ensures a seamless, carefully coordinated process, from first meeting to move-in date.

We approach every project as a whole and implement it as a whole, each portion dovetailing with every other, with everything focused on a smooth and disciplined completion.

Tavistock House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HR
Tel: 0203 490 5282